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Glare protectionHeat protection

Unobstructed view to the outsideVisual protection

Reduction of heating costsMaintenance-free

Metallized film - Aerospace technology for your home

ALPINA Metallized film
Depending on its type, metallized film blinds, developed for aerospace, reflect up to 85% of the incoming solar energy. The sunbeams are reflected unchanged to the outside just like a mirror and can therefore only be heat efficient at a fraction.

In summer and during the transitional season a low g-value is advantageous. It helps to prevent an overheating of the rooms. During winter the low u-value on the other hand ensures, that the valuable energy stays in the room. For this reason ALPINA-systems are technically and economically superior to conventional exterior installations.

You create a balanced indoor climate in summer and reduce the heat loss in winter. The working atmosphere as well as the living comfort gets thoroughly more pleasant.



Overview of all advantages:

  • Efficent heat protection through highly effective reflectors
  • glare protection through calender embossing and film shading
  • UV-protection protects your skin and equipment
  • Outstanding light emitting diodes prevent glare stress
  • Fatigue-free working
  • Reduction of heating costs because of energy economization

Heat protection - Keep a cool head

SommertagHeat protection always begins at the window. The better the window glass is protected from the sun, the more cooler remain the interior rooms. ALPINA sun protection technology prevents the sunbeams from passing the window pane.

The result: The sunbeams are being reflected and are not able to release additional heat to the room.


UV-protection - Protect your skin and furniture

Summer dayUltraviolet rays penetrate your pane unstoppable and affect your skin unhindered as well as your furniture, equipment and merchandise. You should take precautions against a whitening, fading or becoming brittle of your furniture, carpets or displayed merchandise.

First and foremost people should protect each other against the more and more aggressive, cancer-causing radiation. Particularly children's rooms, kindergartens and schools shouldn't miss an UV-protection.

No other UV-protection at the window can offer you so much!


Protection against cold - Save energy and reduce costs

Winter nightThe effectiveness against heat in summer, functions the same way reversed in winter. The films reflect back the heat energy, that can escape through the window. Due to the film, the heat is isolated in the room. The heat loss through the windows can be reduced significantly.

In summer nights the accumulated heat can escape, while the films are open. In winter, when the films are open, the natural sunlight can heat the room at no charge. In the winter night the closed films maintain the precious heat in the room.

The morning heat up requires just a fraction of the else needed heating costs - You economize precious and expensive energy!


Glare protection - Relax your eyes

Blendschutz PCCountless workstations in offices and workshops require more and more innovative and efficient glare protection. Thousands of screen users evaluate the elimination of the glare with an unobstructed view to the outside, as an enormous ease of work.

The reflecting layer of the ALPINA films assures a regular, specific transmission of the natural daylight and fulfills legal standards. Healthy working and less days absent speak for ALPINA glare protection systems.



Glare protection living room In the privacy too, the feel good factor is more important than ever. It leads to relaxation and with that to harmony. The best home cinema or the beautifullest conservatory are permanently useless in intense glare. ALPINA installations finally put things right. Enjoy your favourite movie or relax in your conservatory without annoying glare.

More favourable and more effective than all other conventional blinds. Dim-outs can be fitted in later. A well-prized alternative for children's rooms, projection rooms, dormers or model panes. The film is also available in non-transparent with an excellent heat protection.


Visual protection - Privacy without restrictions

Visual protectionVisual protection pevents from curious looks. Your home is the place, where you can retire to relax.

When it's daylight and the visibility to the outside is high, there is no possibility to see inside. For complete visual protection or shading, we offer special non-transparent films or materials without extra charge.

Also ideal in the industrial sector: like practices, development offices or film studios.


Further advantages:

Weather independent and durable

Due to the protected indoor mounting, ALPINA installations are highly durable and without restrictions because of wind or weather. There is no weathering and damaging. Countless pieces of property were upgraded from present outdoor installations to ALPINA installations.

Low-maintenance in all aspects

ALPINA installations are completely water-resistant and washable. You can use the installations without hesitation in bathrooms, kitchens or other moisture-proof spaces.

The multi component structure makes the ALPINA hangings antistatic, so the dust doesn't gather. If the film is soiled by external forces, it can be cleaned with conventional glass cleaners. Special cleaning agents are not required.

Flexibility comes with functionality

  • Protection from radio waves
  • Noise protection
  • No lateral insolation, important in roof shading, no structural changes (protection of historic buildings and monuments)
  • Can be installed afterwards without difficulty
  • Manual or electrical construction. Special shapes like triangles are possible
  • ALPINA-installations are exclusively produced custom-made