ALPINAstar   the most important technical data

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Glare protectionHeat protection

Unobstructed view to the outsideVisual protection

Reduction of heating costsMaintenance-free

ALPINA standard enclosure type 1

Round case with the dimensions 43 x 41mm. With lateral bearing shields, which are made of aluminium solid material. For assembly the enclosure is inserted on top or between the frame. Fitted for horizontal, vertical or sloping installation. Type 1 enclosure is used for ALPINAstar, ALPINArol and ALPINAslope. Capacity of up to 320 cm reflector-film or 200 cm textile hanging.



ALPINA enclosure type 2

Flat section for the assembly with an overlap in the light. A frame depth of at least 40 mm is required. The width of the blind is 50 mm. Installation with an oblong hole or hold clip. Lateral attachment with plastic blinds. Mainly for application in the roof area. This blind can also be used in transom and mullion facades.


ALPINA standard lateral guides U-profiles

Extruded aluminium profile with a depth of 12 mm.Type U30 has a width of 30 mm, type U36 a width of 36 mm. Type U36 with an additional duct for special shapes. Model natural anodized and powder-coated in RAL- or DB-colours.

Lateral guides are mainly stuck, but can also be screwed. Installation on top or between the frame. The lateral guides are by default pasted with double-sided mounting tape on the back.

Typ U30Typ U36


ALPINA end rods

End rod
Aluminium profiles, in which the film is incorporated tension and stress-free. Solid profile to support the film pattern. Dimensions 4 x 20 mm. ALPINA end rods are delivered natural anodized in RAL- or DB-colours.

The end rods obtain an additional profile for stabilization, when using width installations. ALPINAstar offers you brass guide pulleys, that are mounted on the cord guide. More end rods are available upon request.



Plug-in system

Very easy assembly with our "Plug-in" system. Just stick the lateral guides and insert the blind. Without tools and with no damaging of the windows. Drilling and screwing belongs to the past. This system is mainly suited for plastic windows or generally, when no screwing is allowed.

Another advantage is, that this system offers a temporary removal of the installation. Also for workstations that are used variously. Excellent for existing glare protection installations, that need dim-outs from time to time.


Light filter tableLight filter / Reflector

You can choose between different films and colour tints (Aubergine, silver, bronze, black or grey), from shading to transparent films with different hue levels.

The film A07 is also available in a pleated and flame resistant version (Llumar). Unembossed films and textile hangings on request.

The look-through capability has also been considered during the rating of "Glare shield". Film A07 doesn't have this characteristic, even though it offers the best protection against the sun.



Manual through the standard installed operation chain or electrical. Electrical model with a 24V Somfy motor. Comfortable handling with remote control, temperature monitor, programmable clock timers or connection on a central house control are possible.


Guide pulley

Guide pulley end rod

End rods are provided with high quality guide pulleys for the cord guide. Especially for ALPINAstar these guide pulleys are turned out off massive brass and guided into lasered steel plates.



Cord stopCord stop

ALPINAstar comfort lock for one-hand operation. Hangings can continuously be regulated in every position. Thereby an operation is also possible, when you can't reach the window, for example, if a desk is placed in front of it.



Cord stopCord retainer

This cord retainer has specially been developed for ALPINAstar. It is precisely adjusted for the ALPINA comfort lock to pevent an onesided block, when the roller blind is completely extended. Through the synchronous adaptation of the lateral guides, the operator sides can be changed afterwards for all ALPINA installations. Thereby no mechanical adjustment is required.